Vimost Company two-day Trip on The Bipenggou Valley

On November 9th, with the movement of the bus, we started the annual team-building trip.

Our first stop was a mysterious place, where Qiang ethnic minority live. It’s Taoping Qiang Stockade Village, which was built in 111 BC. It’s valued as the ‘living fossil’of the Qiang nationality architectural art. We could see blockhouse everywhere. The blockhouse is also a kind of defensive construction. In old war times, if the enemies came, people would move into the blockhouse and shoot the enemies from the small window.

We have been to a lot of places and experienced different types of local speciaities, such as , blockhouse, stone buildings, majestic mountains, touching  the prayer tube,eating  crisp and sweet local apples and hotpot, watching the show from the local people. And after dinner, we all got together and danced around bonfire, and playing snowball fight game.

Our second stop was Ganbu Tibetan village, where Tibetan minority lives. It’s famous for the beautiful stone buildings and hospitable people. We went hiking and prayed under the blue sky and bright sunshine. We experienced the customs of local Tibetans and ate many local snacks.

In the evening of the first day, we went to a Tibetan restaurant in Gu’ergou. When we just got off the bus, the hospitable people gave each of us a beautiful Hada to express their welcome and blessings to guests from afar. Then a hearty hotpot dinner was waiting for us. We enjoyed the wonderful performance while having the special beef & mutton hot pot and drinking highland barley wine & tibet butter tea.  Furthermore, the host taught us some local customs and Tibetan. We were so happy to learn the customs and languages of different ethnic groups.

On the 2nd day, we traveled to the Bipenggou, the land of idyllic beauty. It’s famous for its beautiful natural landscape and first-class ecological environment, such as snowy mountains, glaciers, meadows, forests, lakes and stream in the scenic area. That’s amazing.

When we climbed to an altitude of 3,700, a beautiful lake like a fairyland was in sight, named Argali Lake. The reason why it’s called Argali Lake is that a group of argali live in this area.

When we kept climbing up to an altitude of 4,000 meters. Everything was covered with snow and ice, and we we shivered with cold, so we began to play snowball fight game to warm ourselves up.

However, because of high altitudes, we felt a little difficult to breathe after strenuous exercise. So we stopped the game and started to make snowmen.

All good things must come to an end. Our annual trip not only relaxed ourselves, but also increased team cohesion.We will devote ourselves to providing you with better customized sublimation sportswear.