1,Where is your company?

We are in Chengdu China.

2,I like the product on your website, but I want to use my logo,how's that?

Yes,No problem.Our designer will help you finish the design..Contact us or email our salesman first.

3,Why your price is higher than other supplier?

We always said"You get what you pay for", We provide our best products and service.beacuse we want to keep a long-term relationship with you. 

We are committed to complete each of your orders,Beacuse we want you happy,your customer happy,So we happy!

"Products and services are more important than price,But we do the best price that we can give"

4,I'm not satisfied with my salesman?
Please contact our manager asap.and let us know what's your problem? We will find our problem and solve it..
Maneger's email: candy@vimostsports.com  or  info@vimostsports.com
5, What's your fastest production time for my Urgent order?
It depends on your order quantity...we can finish 300pcs within 3days if it's urgent order.
The first day,confirm design and start to printing.
The second day, Cut and sew.
On the third day,Check order quantity,QC and Package.
It's charge more for the urgent orders.
Other questions,Please contact us info@vimostsports.com
Thanks very much
Vimost Sports