Vimost sports will provide the fabric swatch to everyone.so you will know more about our fabric and do your best choise.

#A- Micromesh145gms   Coolmax 100% polyester lightweight

1 00% polyester lightweight, yet strong. This is a lighter weight version of our PRO_wick moisture-management fabric that wicks the moisture off your body leaving you cool and dry. Used for all sports where a lightweight breathable performance fabric is desired .


#B- Micromesh 165gms Coolmax,100% polyester mesh

100% polyester moisture-management fabric similar to cool wick but is a little bit heavier weight and has a two-way stretch, used primarily for baseball/softball, basketball, volleyball or anywhere a breathable performance fabric is desired.

# C- Micromesh 220gms Coolmax,100% polyester mesh

100% polyester  mesh  fabric that wicks moisture off your skin and allows it to pass through the fabric to keep you cool and dry. Waffle-textured fabric is comfortable in warm weather. Used in any Dynamic custom sublimated uniforms and some stock uniforms.

#D-100% Polyester woven fabric

100% polyester ,woven fabric, it's very light and Breathe freely. Commonly used for racing shirts and ice hockey shorts, ice hockey pants, cricket pants.

#E-AK Knit (airknit)-- (bird's-eye mesh)

100% polyester heavyweight 150 denier knitted fabric commonly known as "air knit." Primarily used for hockey and baseball. Very breathable , fastness.

#F- 100% Polyester Peach Skin

Peach Skin with moisture-wicking properties. Very tight weave  resists snagging.Used for outside of sublimation jacket

#G-100% Polyester Heavyweight

100% polyester heavyweight 150 denier mesh. Not shiny. Used for custom sublimated baseball, football and hockey jerseys. Very breathable, comfortable in warm weather.

#H-180gms Lycra

polyester-nylon blend spandex . Commonly known as "Lycra". It's about 180gms, with a strong elasticity. Used for netball skirt.

#I-Fleecing lycra

Fleecing  lycra with a strong elasticity. Also keeping your body warm, windbreak, Used for Cycling arm warm.

#J- Poplin,100% polyester

Poplin fabric is similar to woven fabric, but more heavier and more firmly and has a two-way stretch. Used for Rugby uniform, also hockey uniform.

#K- Dazzle

100% polyester woven fabric is shiny. Primarily used in the shoulder/sleeves for football and lacrosse jerseys and in basketball uniforms .

#L-Fleecing woven ablaze fabric

100% polyester fleecing woven ablaze fabric, very firmly and keeping warm for body. Used in jacket outside, coat.

#M-double k nit woven

100% polyester double knit is a tightly-woven fabric, not very  breathable , but very light . Primarily used for baseball jerseys .

#N-Fleecing woven 320gms

Fleecing woven fabric,100% polyester ,it's about 320g,keep warm and windbreak. Used for sublimation hoodies.

#O-260gms Lycra

Polyester-nylon blend spandex ,commonly known as "Lycra". It's about 220gms, with a strong elasticity, also with a little shine. Used or netball skirt and wrestling singlet.

#P-Heavy woven fabric

Heavyweight 12 oz. 100% polyester double knit is a tightly-woven fabric, not very breathable, Primarily used for baseball jerseys, baseball pants,rugby wear.

#Q-100% polyester  light woven fabric

100% polyester double knit is a tightly-woven fabric, very light, Breathe freely, Used for baseball shirts, t-shirts.

#R-Dura star Mesh

100% polyester heavyweight 150 denier mesh. Shiny fabric used for all sports. This is our pro game mesh. Very breathable, comfortable in warm weather.

#S-Soft Microfiber

100% Polyester Soft Microfiber, very soft, with a strong  contractibility. Easy deformation. Used for inside of jerseys.


#T-Towel fabric

100% polyester 360gms towel fabric, very thick and very firmly. Used for beach towel, sublimation towel.


#U-Towel fabric

100% polyester . Used for beach towel, sublimation towel.



100%polyester,Used for training shirts,inside of shorts.

#W-Lining Cloth

Used for Jacket,Hoodies,Basketball Jersey and shorts.


Weight:238g/m2 .Used for Hoodies


Weight: 220g/m2 .Used for Hoodies


#V-003(New Fabric)

100%polyester.Weight: 230g/m2


#V-005(New Fabric)

100%polyester.Weight: 270g/m2

#V-006(New Fabric)

100%polyester.Weight: 140g/m2



#V-008(New Fabric)

100%polyester.Weight: 120g/m2