Sportswear Manufacturers

Important Factors to Find the Best Sportswear Manufacturers

Just like any other suppliers, sportswear manufacturers are also specialized. Textile manufacturers, in general, can be called primarily be specialized on specific product categories, target markets and materials.

Below are some of the aspects which are crucial to finding in every sportswear producer:

Material and Fabric Specification

Buyer of sportswear can typically depend upon materials and parts supplied by subcontractors of apparel producers. However, the quality of the apparel differs as the manufacturers specialize in areas and price segments.

Quality can be defined in technical details. The first step of a process is to design a material specification. Before purchasing apparel from a hockey jersey supplier, you must see the following aspects:

  • Fabric
  • Fabric weight
  • Printing
  • Stretch
  • Other materials used; and
  • Other specifications.

If you are an importer, you must find specifications first and match those particulars with the corresponding fabric.

Product Design, Tech Packs and Customization

The material specification is seconded with a design drawing – both of them must be included in the tech pack of the buyer. Nowadays, however, quite a few manufacturers buy sportswear with a private-label along with customized design clothing.

Below are some of the factors which need to be considered before finalizing the deal:

  • Labels
  • Embroideries and logos
  • Measurements
  • Colors
  • Design drawings
  • Sample photos; and
  • Reference sample

Technical Fabric

Sportswear is manufactured, often, with coated fabrics along with other technical textiles (generally called as preference fabrics). Such clothes are typically both parented and branded. Therefore, they are not readily available in a way similar to polyester or cotton fabric.

The above high-end fabrics are manufactured outside China. The countries include Korea, Japan and Italy. Technical sportswear suppliers can ship apparel to the suppliers in China for cutting, sewing and packing.

Apparel Standards and Regulations

Fitness and sportswear are in some countries or markets, subject to regulations. Such regulations are applied to most of the consumer items, inclusive of textile. The provisions do not specifically refer to the hockey jersey supplier. Buyers in the European Union and the United States must be aware of the following: 

Geography   Regulation
US CA Prop 65

For ensuring compliance needs, sportswear importers need to apply a detailed strategy. As many seasoned apparel purchasers know that quite a few manufacturers do not keep an extensive record of compliance. Many producers remain unsure whether their product is compliant to overseas yardsticks or not.

So, it is crucial to be educated about local and foreign standards together with the following testing procedures:

  • Antibacterial and Odor
  • Fiber Analysis
  • Fabric Tearing Strength
  • Flammability
  • Feather and Down Testing etc.

Labelling Prerequisites

Sportswear importers are needed to comply with every labelling requirements. The scope of regulatory compliance varies according to market and country. Following regulations need to be fulfilled in general:

  • Country of origin (e.g. China)
  • Size
  • Washing symbols
  • Material specification

For the avoidance of compliance issues, provide your suppliers with the label files like “.ai” or “.eps.” etc.

Wrap Up

The sportswear industry is evolving with each passing day. Therefore, sportswear manufacturers are now required to remember the above mentioned aspects to maintain their business.