Chris’ Visiting at Vimost Factory

The far-away Chris who is from Australia visited our Vimost Factory on November 2th.

After a short free talk, I took him around the factory. It was Chris’ first time to experience doing 2 pieces of ice hockey jerseys from designing to packing within 5 hours, he participated in each step to learn more about doing sublimation jersey at our Vimost Company.

Thanks for his kindness to bring different Australian candies and gifts to us! He had a nice conversation face to face with our sales, instead of typing with the computer any more. We all are just like a known friend chatting and laughing, communicating the Australian and Chinese culture.

1). Designing: He watched the designer to edit the design, also said that he would like to mark the size tag in the original design file for future orders, help us to save time and energy.

2). Printing: He studied the machine how to print the design on the paper, checked the ink and the design.

3). Cutting: The jersey finished printing on paper, related parts was cut by our staffs.

4). Sublimation printing: The design on paper was printed into the fabric by high temperature.

5). Collecting parts: Related parts were cutting, then collecting together.

6). Sewing: He standed by our sewing staffs to see each step of sewing, took videos, he was surprised by the quick sewing action.

7). Packing: When the jersey was finished sewing, the extra threads was cut to keep neat and good quality, all were packed into the poly bag after ironing.

When Chris experienced the whole process, he spoke that all was amazing for him! We can make their design come true, each step is handled by different staffs, which can keep the correct order to be done quickly. The jersey is just like having a short journey!

I have showed Chris to Chengdu Panda Base, and to the local places of interests, and we are having fun as well.

We always welcome our dear and kind customers to pay us a visit in the factory, and believe us, we are providing the best service and good quality to you guys.