Sportswear Suppliers

All You Need To Know About Hockey Jersey Fabric

If you are a hockey player and want hockey jersey for the team you need to ask following seven things before you order to your hockey jersey supplier:


Several jerseys have designs that go till the shoulder area. In order to utilize the whole design, the neckline will be a part of the jersey’s block. If your team players do not want the neckline, you can mention that on before ordering or purchasing. However, if the design extends above the neckline, the graphic would get cut off.

The Mesh Fabric

A majority of hockey jerseys are either partly or all mesh fabric. Make sure the material you choose for making your jersey can utilize mesh in the t-shirts. Mesh fabric is the best because it works well with quilters. Mesh can be used without any issue.

The weight of Hockey Jersey

The quilt of hockey jersey will always be more substantial than an average t-shirt quilt. The reason is manufacturers put a second layer behind the mesh jerseys and also the jersey material is significant.

Home vs. Travel Jerseys

Many a time, hockey players have two similar-looking jerseys. One for home and the other for away games. Typically, home jerseys are white, and the away ones are colored. Jerseys with two different colors with identical graphics trigger another decision. What to include and what to exclude?

If you have several jerseys, it is advisable to use colorful jerseys. This will make your quilt more colorful. If you have both jerseys in use, you can ask the supplier to space them out uniformly. In that way, they are not next to one other.


Probabilities are that you have numbered jerseys. Do you wish to utilize every single digit? Probably not if your team have a handsome number of players. Here is a suggestion. You should use one or two of every figure you played under. In addition, your quilt is more about the digits or numbers and not the sides.

Name of Players

If your name is printed on your jersey, you must use your name. The question is like similar to numbers question. How many times do you require your name on the quilt?

Perhaps one time; if your quilt is bigger than your liking. By erasing duplicate numbers and names, you can get your quilt with decreased size. If the size is not the problem, you can use it multiple times.

Shoulders and Sleeves

Some Sportswear Suppliers offer hockey jerseys having numbers and graphics on the shoulders. Here is a suggestion. Without tiny blocks, your jersey could line up in columns. To avert this, you can ask your supplier to add small blank blocks of colored material in the quilt.